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Is eGumball a Google Partner? Yes, But...

eGumball is most definitely not Google. Nor do we, as a corporate entity, speak for Google, work for Google, or claim to be representatives of Google in any official capacity whatsoever. We only meet the "requirements to attain recognition as a Google Partner."

Google's Adwords Certification and its 'Certified Partner' certificate label were recently changed to 'Google Partner'. The term 'partner' should be understood as a qualification - not a partnership of two related businesses.

Any and all information contained within this site is based solely upon our professional experience within the field of online promotion. It is based upon many years of empirical study, our professional interaction with various aspects of the Google Search platform, advertising, and local business listing systems.

No part of the information within this site, or the information and affirmations imparted from eGumball's sales or support staff, is based upon any claim of knowing Google's secrets, or on exercising any kind of control over Google's servers or ranking algorithms.

Please also note that although some of our staff are valued, long-term contributors at the Google My Business Help Forum, they in no way claim that this participation constitutes a special relationship with Google Inc.

Therefore, we make no claims to give any kind of guarantee for our services since eGumball, as a corporate entity, exercises no control over either Google's systems or the timeframe taken by Google to react to any and all promotional measures undertaken by us.

We do, however, take great pride in the eGumball Promise and in our outstanding customer satisfaction record.

If you would like further information about eGumball and our status as a Google Partner, please contact us.