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1. How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Since we are not the search engines we cannot guarantee a specific time or date that your name will begin to appear on the search engines. No one in our industry can! However, we CAN tell you that we provide only accurate data for your business to the search engines which decreases your turn around time and indexing.

2. Can I Use My Website?

Your website can be used if locally optimized. For the most part LocalList and its relevant subscribers do not have enhanced websites and therefore can only list their website on their web page provided by network. acts as a conduit to our private network of subscribers. Locally optimized sites contain enough local key references such as your city, state and other logistics.

3. How Can I Track My Hits?

Our directory comes with a log-in control panel to provide our LocalList clients with graphs, hits and reports on their keyword traffic. We can provide you with details on your website Impressions with all of our website development projects using add-ons with Google.

4. Can I Change My Keywords?

We know that most business services or product lines change with each season or trend. Our vigilant engineering staff manages your keyword revisions with ease. Give us just thirty(30) days and you’ll see your campaign smoothly change as needed.

5. What Does The "Completion Of Optimization Process" Mean In Your Guarantee?

eGumBall offers a unique thirty(30) day full refund guarantee if, for some reason, we don’t complete your optimization process within your first thirty(30) days from the date that we receive your signed application. The optimization process is the completion of campaign requirements prior to your activation date. Campaign requirements are your search engine marketing consultation, keyword analysis, three(3) page micro-site development, stock video development, map to your location and fully executed telephone activation. We give you this guarantee to alleviate any frustration or concerns you may have caused by delays in development and implementation of your campaign.

6. Why Do I Have To Sign An Agreement?

We totally understand the appeal of a ‘no obligation, no contract’ agreement, but eGumBall does not experience high client turn over. Our clients remain with us because they relax in their knowledge that our continuing and transparent communication with them is our number one focus.

7. How can I impede Upon eGumBall Services?

When you’ve made the excellent decision to partner with eGumBall to manage your website SEO or your LocalListing you’ve hired us to structure your campaign. If you modify your project without letting us know this will create a serious conflict in your strategy and a decline in your results. Neither of us want that!

8. Why Can Duplicate Listings Hurt?

Local search engines DO NOT like Duplicate listings. These are multiple listings for a company’s address or telephone number. Search engines Block Duplicate listings from gaining front page exposure in the local directory when they are reviewing information in a location that has a large inventory of business information. These typically are large cities with large populations. There are times when we cannot identify Duplicate listings until we get to the root of your campaign. And so it is vital to our mutual success that you disclose any prior addresses and telephone numbers that you have used.

9. Why Should I Inform eGumBall About All Internet Marketing?

Search engine processes, or algorithms, are extremely delicate. Certainly we don’t expect you to do our job but we do need information from you about any other internet marketing campaigns in which you are actively involved or wish to be.

10. If The Search Engines Local Directories Are Free Why Do I Need Your Service?

On your behalf, we channel your business data on an ongoing basis to over 250 recognized local search directories as well as your local metropolitan directories and we guarantee accuracy. We track all the ongoing changes in local maps algorithms and scoring while implementing our own proprietary methods to increase indexing turnaround and rank. Since 2007, we have been offering Google Places Help as a leader in the future of search .

11. Why Do I Have To Pay Before I See Any Results?

There is an enormous amount of inventory in search engine directories from which they may select. eGumBall produces specific and relevant content to each search engine for our clients. This provides a greater understanding of you and your business for each search engine which positions you ahead of your local competitors. We continually monitor and recalibrate your keyword positioning for search engine queries and, of course, we keep you up to date with all changes in the local search marketplace. This takes time and vigilance and is an ongoing process for experienced professionals like us. We put a tremendous amount of effort into your specific market analysis and campaign set up. We review your local area and the results within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to determine your campaign metrics. We implement your relevant text link campaign which is also known as link building. Our time and money for these services must be invested prior to your results being found on the internet.

12. Can I Revise My Business Information?

Yes! You certainly can change your business information either by sending a fax to Customer Service (1-877-890-8940) or by alerting us with your email ( We will always need to verify your revision to your profile on each search engine. Because of this each revision may delay your results in ranking. And if changes are made within the first sixty(60) days after your initial set up your ranking results will be delayed for up to thirty(30) additional business days for update. And so it is imperative that ALL information on your application is correct. When we submit your application’s information to the search engines they will crawl, spider or visit your web profile for indexing or updating.

13. Why Choose eGumBall Over Other SEO Firms?

eGumBall is National and has annually serviced over 10,500 clients, performing Local SEO daily. This means that our engineering staff is constantly and repetitively testing and troubleshooting changes in market conditions (algorithms.) Our SEO professionals understand the entire filter system. Our LocalList clients are secure in the knowledge that our directory has matured well past the ‘Sand Box’ phase. It is always wise to check out the seasoned professionals first for your business success.

14. Will My Service Fees Increase On Renewal?

The good news is that we greatly value the loyalty and repeat business of our clients. If you renew within thirty(30) days following the end of your agreement – and as long as we don’t have to remarket your zip code - we are delighted to renew your agreement at the same price.

15. Does eGumBall Have Any Special Arrangements With Google or Bing? That is a big NO!

Search engines ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SHARE any of their decisions or strategies with any firm or individual outside of their own company. The moment you speak with any company that claims that they’ve hired an engineer from one of these search engines OR that they have special arrangements that control the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) you must put the brakes on immediately. And this does happen! Be smart and follow the tenets of BUYER BEWARE as this is false and misleading information.

16. What To Be Wary Of After Signing Up With eGumBall?

We have heard that our clients have been contacted by ‘other’ SEO firms that claim that they are a major search engine. They also might say that they have control over eGumBall’s work and then solicit large cash transfers to them to ‘hold’ the position that eGumBall is managing for your business. We ask that you remain vigilant, and if you do receive a call such as this please ask this company caller to provide a written proposal outlining the specific scope of your project and then contact our offices immediately.

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eGumball Knows It's Business.

As soon as my campaign was organized and re-verified, my business listing appeared the next day and on the front page! eGumBall literally walks on water.

David Lurie - Kansas City, Kansas - 5.0 Stars

Thank you eGumball!

Our web store is now providing us an avenue for additional revenue streams previously untouched. We are well-pleased with eGumBall's service.

Rick Ballard - Tempe, Arizona - 5.0 Stars

eGumball is a Good Service.

I was spending about $35,000 per year and eGumBall showed me how to cut that cost down to $14,000. Thank you eGumBall, you couldn't have helped a..

Timothy Bragg - Seattle, WA - 4.0 Stars

Money Well Spent with eGumball!

Your perseverance on my Google Places listing has paid off. Thank you eGumball!

D. Schwartz - Indianapolis, IN - 5.0 Stars

eGumball Local Search Is Excellent.

eGumball has proven to be an excellent choice for our company. We are very impressed, we are coming up where we want to be...

Steve Milner - East Hartford, CT - 5.0 Stars

eGumball Brought Me New Clients.

You have been thorough and conscientious in your work on my behalf. Your work has paid off in the form of new clients that have found me online.

Attorney Ken Anspach - Chicago, IL - 5.0 Stars

eGumball As Refreshing As Can Be.

eGumball has been extremely beneficial to my company. It has enlightened and motivated people to spark up interest in doing business with us!

V. Campisi - San Francisco, CA - 5.0 Stars

Keeping Busy Thanks To eGumball!

Very Happy... ...lots of new clients...eGumball helped me expand my business and I now have two listings!

Charles Wiseman - Hillsboro, OR - 5.0 Stars

eGumball Is A Partner of Success.

Your attention to detail about my industry and my business in particular, as well as ongoing personal attention and follow-up, makes you one of our important partners for success...

S. Krasna, CFP - Walnut Creek, CA - 5.0 Stars

eGumball = Success From The Start!

eGumball has got me new business from the beginning, Thank You!

S. Smith - Kennesaw, GA - 5.0 Stars

Great Support with eGumball!

We are a small Moving Business and have been clients of EGumball for about a year now and I cannot tell you how happy we are with them!

Lisa Taylor - Melbourne, FL - 5.0 Stars

eGumball - Places Guru's With Results.

eGumBall is worth the money for marketing our business. It has improved the marketing for our business tremendously.

Eddie & Kelly Hobbs - Pace, FL - 5.0 Stars